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We are trying to improve our our eshop how it is possible. So we decided to add PayPal service for better payment.

PayPal is a very modern, secure and fast payment service, which you can use around the whole world!

So from today, you can pay your order directly on our shop with PayPal. End of the payment on delivery! If you don't want to pay in cash to transport company, you can use PayPal and pay immediately during order. What is the main feature of PayPal service? Thanks to PayPal is not necessary to fill your credit card info on our shop, so the payment is secure. This means that you need to have PayPal account registered wich active credit card. Sign in to PayPal is few very easy steps and the website is translated to many languagues:

Another feature is that if you have one PayPal account, you can pay with it around the world, not only in our shop, but the PayPal is a worldwide service. Our opinion is, that is better to have credit card info in one PayPal account, than in many websites around the world and keep the evidence of them updated.

One small bonus which came to our shop with PayPal. You can pay in Czech currency (CZK) but also in Euro (€)!

We belive that you will love PayPal service as we do!


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