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The MAGURA CT5 hydraulic disc brake is an advanced brake for city bikes, allround bikes, electric bikes (eMTB) or light MTBs. It is a 4-piston model of the MAGURA CT brake. The lever body is made of the unique Carbotecture® material developed directly by MAGURA. The 3-finger end lever is also made of Carbotecture® and thus delivers very high braking performance combined with excellent modulation. The 4-piston caliper is made entirely of one piece of metal and comes with MAGURA 8.S Sport pads. This is a pad model where there are 2 separate pads on each side of the caliper. The Sport pad compound is designed for long lasting and high performance, better temperature bearing capacity and extended life.

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The transmition ratio and ergonomic features of the MAGURA CT are perfectly adapted to the requirements of urban and off-road cycling. With a clearly defined brake engagement point and no need for high finger pressure on the lever, as well as simple modulation, the MAGURA CT gives the rider a feeling of security and absolute control in all situations, whether on an e-bike or a conventional bike. This brake is particularly suitable for city bikes, all-round or lightweight eMTB and MTB bikes.

The brake is very light thanks to the use of the unique Carbotecture® material for the lever. MAGURA MT brakes are adapted for MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil. MAGURA gives a 5 year warranty against fluid leakage due to leaks (valid when using original parts and Magura Royal Blood mineral oil).

Brake lever

The all-new axial piston of the MAGURA CT works perfectly with the enlarged expansion tank, which reduces the risk of air entrapment in the system and ensures reliable long-term operation.

  • brake lever body is made from unique Carbotecture® material, which is developed directly in MAGURA for their MAGURA MT and HS brakes
  • brake is supplied with 3-finger Carbotecture® lever blade
  • sepparable handlebar clamp is made from Carbotecture® material (lever is possible to dismount without grips removal)
  • handlebar clamp is possible to change for Shiftmix clamp connected Shimano or Sram tirggers (sold sepparately)
  • brake lever is equiped with EBT bleeding port (Easy Bleed Technology) for easy bleeding (see video below)
  • lever MAGURA CT5 offers the possibility to set the distance of lever blade from handlebars without any tool

Brake caliper

Proven braking performance of the MAGURA 4-piston caliper. Very fast deceleration for safe stopping in town and on the road. The MAGURA CT brake caliper is based on the much appreciated MAGURA MT brake system, which generates stable braking power without overheating.

  • MAGURA CT5 4-piston caliper based on MAGURA MT5 has black piston nuts
  • caliper is equiped with magnetic Xchange pistons, so there is not necessary to put spring plate between brake pads
  • supplied with rotatable hose connection
  • post mount resp. PM brake mount of caliper
  • caliper is supplied with MAGURA 9.S brake pads resp. model Sport
  • 2 separated brake pads on each side of caliper
  • MAGURA Sport pad compound is designed for long lasting and high performance, better temperature bearing capacity and extended life
  • caliper is made from one piece of aluminium allloy, so there are not losses of brake power like on two piece caliper design
  • in the package are also M6 tightening bolts for mounting on frame or fork (with torx T25 key)


  • brake is supplied with MAGURA kevlar hydraulic hose
  • lenght of whole non-shortened hose is 2200mm
  • in the package you will fing all necessary parts which you will use for during hose shortening on desired lenght

Recommended rotors

  • we recommend use MAGURA CT5 brake with MAGURA MDR-C, MDR-CL or MAGUAR MDR-P rotors
  • we recommend use 160mm, 180mm, 203mm or 220mm rotor diameters

Brake weight

  • weight of whole brake is 295g including full lenght of hose, without rotor and tightening M6 bolts

Video - Magura CT - product overview

Video - Magura CT - filling and bleeding

Video - Magura CT - fast bleeding

Video - Magura CT - changing a lever blade

Video - Magura CT - replacing the lid of the expansion reservoir


Data sheet

Lever position
Right hand
Number of caliper pistons
Brake model line
Recommended use
Caliper mount
Post Mount (PM)
Lever blade type
3-finger Carbotecture®
Brake pad model
HIGO compactibility

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