Lever blade MAGURA MT7e | HIGO-Closer (NO) | 4-finger | ball-end


Lever blade MAGURA MT7e model HIGO-Closer. 4-finger lever blade with ball-end. This lever blade is made for MAGURA MT brake body made from Carbotecture SL®. Lever blade is flip-flop so you can use it on right or left hand. Lever blade is supplied with special lever switch HIGO-Closer, which is made for shutting down your electric motor. This lever can be used in many aplications like e-bikes or e-scooters. Lever blade is supplied with 150mm long cable with 2-pin connector. Lever distance from handlebars can be set with 3mm allen key. Supplied including lever rivet which connects lever body and lever blade.

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  • MAGURA MT7e lever blade is made from aluminium alloy
  • lever blade includes HIGO-Closer switch - resp. after pushing lever are contacts closed (pulled lever = opened contacts = motor is running)
  • lever blade is supplied with cable in lenght 150mm with 2-pin connectoron the end
  • end of 4-finger lever blade is ball-end which prevents of fingers slipping from lever blade
  • lever blade is made for MAGURA MT brake body made from Carbotecture SL® (especially MT7, but can be also used on MT6, MT8 or MT TRAIL SL)
  • easy setup of the lever blade distance from handlebars with 3mm allen key
  • MAGURA MT7e lever blade is made as flip-flop so you can use it on left or right hand
  • supplied including lever rivet nut for lever body and lever blade connection (see how to change lever blade on MAGURA MT video below)

Video - How to change lever blade on MAGURA MT

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Data sheet

Lever position
Left hand
Right hand
Brake model line
Lever blade type
3-finger ball end
Model compactibility
Clamp material
HIGO compactibility

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