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Original and recommended tools for service and maintenance of Your hydraulic rim brakes Magura HS a RT, or hydraulic disc brakes Magura MT. Tools Magura you can use for barbed fitting instalation. repair or installation of new Magura brakes. The best possible care for your Magura brakes is original or recommended tools from Magura!

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Price 45 CZK

Bleeding and filling bolt / barbed fitting MAGURA for all disc brakes Magura MT and Magura HS rim brakes. Bolt have a shorter thread M6 and it is supplied with 2x o-ring which better seals the system when connected to caliper. O-ring is possible to put on the bolt thread side. We recoomend to use transparent bleeding hose. Bolt is supplied as 1pc (1pc of...

Price 1,446 CZK

Magura barbed fitting tool for hydraulic brake hoses. This tool is perfect for professional bike workshops but also home use. Thanks to this tool is barbed fitting installation very fast and easy. It can be done in few minutes just in your hands without any other necessary tool. In the barbed fitting tool can be mounted plastic but also kevlar hydraulic...