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Brake part location

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Model compactibility

Disc brakes

Original spare parts for hydraulic disc brakes Magura MT. Bolts, washers, connectors and mounts, closing bolts, sealings and other small parts for Magura brakes.

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Price 7 CZK

Distancing spacer with 0,2mm hight for a centering of a brake caliper or differenc components. Can be used on many types of calipers with IS or PM mount. You can get most from the braking force if you pads contact the whole rotor surface. Spacer is made from steel and inner diameter is in size for M6 bolts.

Price 12 CZK

Olive for brake hoses Magura. Olive can be used for kevlar and also plastic Magura hoses. You will use this olive after cable shortening or new installation / replacement of master. Olive will press the hose inside the lever or caliper thanks to sleeve nut, so the hose is firmly connected to the Magura lever or caliper. Olive is made from soft metal, so...

Price 25 CZK

Náhradní díl k ráfkovým hydraulickým brzdám Magura HS33 nebo kotoučovým brzdám typu Magura MT. Krytka hadičky brzdové páky, která zabraňuje jejímu přeražení u šroubení hadičky. Krytka se na šroubení nasouvá a pevně jej obepne.

Price 33 CZK

Barbed fitting (insert) for Magura disc brakes. You can use this insert for all disc brakes from Magura MT family (excluding MT2). Easy instalation in the hose without tools or with a small tap with a hammer. Olive and shroud nut is sold separately.

Price 33 CZK

Spare original bolt for Magura MT lever clamp with inner screw. Bolt is possible to tight thanks to torxt T25 key. Made from light aluminium. Be aware! Tightening torque is max. 3Nm! You can tight with this bolt brake clamp / brake lever on the handlebars.

Price 45 CZK

Bleeding and filling bolt / barbed fitting MAGURA for all disc brakes Magura MT and Magura HS rim brakes. Bolt have a shorter thread M6 and it is supplied with 2x o-ring which better seals the system when connected to caliper. O-ring is possible to put on the bolt thread side. We recoomend to use transparent bleeding hose. Bolt is supplied as 1pc (1pc of...

Price 62 CZK

Tubing guide for forks from MAGURA. Can be mount on different forks, not only Magura's forks! Tubing guide can be mount also on CREWKERZ JEALOUSY frames for hose from rear brake caliper. Made from flexible plastic and supplied with bolt for tightening.

Price 99 CZK

BAT plug kit for brakes Magura MT, which covers the hole after removing BAT kit (lever bite point adjustement - short / long). You will use this BAT plug if you are changing for HC3 lever, or you don't want to use your BAT adjustement. Plug kit covers hole and ensures the lever will stay on its original place. Supplied with the spring and 90° closing...

Price 107 CZK

Transport distance insert between brake pads for Magura MT brakes. This insert is specialy made for Magura MT brakes and it is same for 2-piston Magura MT and also 4-piston Magura MT brakes. This insert have many uses, not only for transport as a distance insert, but also to make bigger distance between brake pads, for inserting hose inserts, measuring of...