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Disc brake rotors Magura with 220mm diameter for Magura disc brakes are the highes level of Magura disc rotors which you can get. In offer you will find 220mm rotors for the most challenging bikes like downhill, enduro and also heavy eMTB bikes. We do offer models of disc brake rotor Magura MDR-P which is made for the most extreme bikes and riders. All Magura disc brake rotors are made from precise made materials with focus on best quality possible.

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Amazing rotor Magura MDR-P is made for the most demanding applications like enduro, downhill and ebikes. Bigger breaking surface of the outher ring and aluminium inner ring, which better transmits heat. The higher mass also reduces the risk of brake fading and reduces brake pad wear by 15% and brings better modulation of braking force. The weight is still...