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Tools for basic service and maintenance of your trials bike. You can use our tools offer with any other type of bike (MTB, gravel bikes etc.) because they are mostly for universal use - depending on your bike components.

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Price 909 CZK

Bleed kit from MAGURA for disc brakes and rim brakes. Bleed kit type PRO  is kompaktible with Magura MT and also Magura HS33, HS11 etc. Kit includes all necessary like 250ml mineral oil Royal Blood, external botle for oil, barbed fitting, syringe, connecting hoses.

Price 1,446 CZK

Magura barbed fitting tool for hydraulic brake hoses. This tool is perfect for professional bike workshops but also home use. Thanks to this tool is barbed fitting installation very fast and easy. It can be done in few minutes just in your hands without any other necessary tool. In the barbed fitting tool can be mounted plastic but also kevlar hydraulic...